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A Balanced Life


Life can be overwhelming. Taking us from point A to Z in the matter of a moment. One second you’re on cloud 9 the next second you’re completely distraught. Why does a happy medium seem so unattainable?

I’m here to offer you the balance you desire. Sure; I can psychically answer all your questions (and that’s great). But why not get to the root of the issue and pull that weed from the root; dig up that old soil; replace it with new fertile soil giving you the opportunity to plant new lustrous seeds to harvest. 

It’s Mountain Moving Time 💜 



It’s Time You Master Your Life. With over 20yrs of experience let me be your guide 💜

Get personal strategic master coaching from ME!! 

Learn to live in balance with The Fortunate Truth’s All Inclusive Spiritual Growth Package

Tier 1: 

Two chat sessions a week

Unlimited Text Questions

Daily Motivation 

Cleansing Shower

Chakra Alignment 

Meditation Guidance

Block Release Recipe

Psychic Clairvoyant Sessions

Tarot (if requested) 

Moon Box 

$300 per month 

Tier 2: 

Daily Motivational Texts 

1 chat per week

1 text question per week

Cleansing Shower

Psychic Clairvoyant Sessions

Tarot (upon request) 

Moon Box

$200 per month 

Tier 3:

Daily Motivational Texts 

1 text question per week

Cleansing Shower 

Moon Box

$100 per month

The Fortunate Truth Pricing 

Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Advisor 

Talk Time:

15min = $30

30min = $50

60min = $90

100min = $100

300min = $250

Email / Text Questions: $20 each question with detailed response w/ follow up. thefortunatetruth@gmail.com

Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities: $250

Personalized program designed especially for you to optimize the BEST of your abilities. Weekly scheduled appointments; text access. 

Align Your Chakras: $100

Personalized Curriculum (10-21 days)

10 Different Meditations

Chakra Cards 

Life Coaching: 

$90 per hour 

Please remember that all time is purchased in advance, scheduled & banked for you to use when you need it. I offer huge savings when larger amounts of time are purchased at one time: however this must be paid in full at time of transaction. 


Call Me: (800) 918-5230 (leave a message; I will return your call)

Email Me: thefortunatetruth@gmail.com

Message Me: Facebook or Instagram 

Sometimes life can be tricky to navigate. We have unanswered questions. Unsure and uneasy. You deserve peace. You deserve love. You are worthy. You are enough. My insight will teach you to live a naturally balanced life. 💜

Prioritize your time and replationships


Life can be stressful. We want to give you the advice and tools you need to maximize your personal and professionl relationships, and how to give yourself the time you deserve.